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Help young girls establish a solid foundation

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In my recent travels to Goa, I have seen how local Goans often struggle even though there is a vibrant tourism industry. Sita, was inspired by many girls I saw studying on the beach and on the sidewalks. Here 'Sita' is studying while managing her family's fruit stall.

We are starting with the basics - a foundational program of fitness at local schools in Goa. Once set up this will be complemented by nutrition and educational programs.

Software Projects

Project #1:

Cloud Migration is the process of moving your digital assets - like services, data, and applications - from hosted internally, to hosted on a secure cloud-based environment. This offers better scalability, reliability and redundancy.

Role Summary:

An east-coast based vehicle rental company relied on a mix of dedicated VPS and onsite systems. After an initial assessment, most of the systems were migrated to Verizon Cloud platform within 3 months and the remaining systems were planned for a phased migration over a 12 month timeframe through vendor agreements.

Project #2:

Containerisation is the packaging of an application and all dependencies in a way that allows it to run on various cloud infrastructure. This removes dependencies on specific cloud providers. Docker is the industry standard for containerisation and Kubernetes the defacto standard for orchestration. Orchestration allows easy management of container resources.

Role Summary:

A developer facing messaging platform sought to improve scalability of their key services. The proposed solution to migrate from EC2 to an orchestrated Kubernetes solution required a risk assessment. I worked with developers to identify & mitigate risks and formed a failure strategy. A post migration review was conducted and some suggestions made for developer best practices.

Project #3:

Content Management Systems (CMS) have been around for a while but today people consume content across multiple devices. Enterprises offer increasingly more complex services so they have to be more flexible in providing their content. A full fledged solution separates the presentation layer (head) from the actual content (body), therefore referred to as a headless CMS and centralises content, using content infrastructure, for much easier management.

Role Summary:

Successfully completed the implementation of an app delivering complex content using Contentful, a leading CMS as a service. The workload on content creators and administrators was reduced by +40%.

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